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Action Care Mobile Veterinary Clinic, LLC


Welcome to Action Care Mobile Vet

  • Action Care Mobile Vet is a house-call veterinary practice, serving those in St. Mary's, Charles, and Calvert counties.

  • We provide humane euthanasia and other services (see below) for dogs and cats in the comfort of your home.

  • Experienced, friendly staff will also be attending house calls to assist with your pet’s history, filling out paperwork, collecting payment, answering any questions you may have, as well as to assist in the examination and procedures for your pet.

  • We accept all credit cards on-site. Quotes will be provided in detail when booking your appointment.

  • Action Care Mobile Vet requests that all urgent and serious emergencies be referred to an appropriate local, emergency, or referral specialty veterinary hospitals.

  • We are able to offer Saturday hours as well as occasional evening hours during the week by appointment.

  • Action Care Mobile Vet has a mission to provide quality, compassionate and experienced veterinary care for dogs and cats at the convenience of home.

Discover our Services

Humane Euthanasia.jpg

Humane Euthanasia

The decision to say goodbye to your beloved companion is one of the hardest decisions for a family to make. 

Well Pet and Vaccination Services.jpg

Well Pet & Vaccination

Pets needing diagnostic work-ups and follow up appointments will be referred to a full-service veterinarian.


Veterinary Hospice & Vet Tech Services

At Action Care Mobile Vet, we understand the importance of compassionate care for pets facing end-of-life challenges.


After Care & Cremation Services

Action Care Mobile Vet will discuss aftercare selection options and pricing when you call to book your appointment.


Saying Goodbye with Love and Dignity

The decision to say goodbye to your beloved companion is one of the hardest decisions for a family to make. To help you understand the process, here are some tips:

Is it time? Consider your pet’s quality of life. When a pet’s quality of life has deteriorated to the point when they are:

  • in persistent physical pain or discomfort

  • if they are unable to get up and move adequately to eliminate consistently outside (or in their litterbox)

  • if they have severe restlessness, anxiety, or vocalization

  • if they persistently soil themselves or their bedding and/or develop pressure sores

  • if they are not eating or drinking adequately for hydration and nutrition

  • if they are not cognizant of their surroundings or owners

  • if they have little or no interest in everyday activities

  • if they are having labored breathing (or need oxygen) or frequent seizures, despite medication

  • if they have metastatic cancer

Then it may be more kind to consider euthanasia to help prevent further decline or suffering of a beloved pet.

Take a Quality-of-Life Assessment test. 

This is a written tool that helps to objectively measure and monitor your pet’s quality of life.


Consult With Your Primary Veterinarian 

To see what insight they can provide about your pet’s health, disease, mobility, treatment options, and further diagnostics (if desired).  They may be able to provide a new or modified treatment plan or provide further/alternative suggestions for keeping your pet more comfortable.  They may be able to give you a general prognosis (especially if your pet suffers from chronic disease or cancer) and/or provide further guidance and considerations about your pet’s quality of life.


Talk To Family Members And Other

Caregivers of your pet.  Those that know your pet well can offer valuable insight into your pet’s quality of life.  It’s generally best if everyone is on the same page.  No one should feel pressured to make the decision if they are not ready.  On the other hand, pet owners should try their best to objectively consider their pet’s actual quality of life and/or pain levels. Pet owners and family members should also keep in mind that the decision of letting a pet pass onto the rainbow bridge with dignity and respect is truly a final gift of love.


Please Call, Email, Or Text Us To Ask

Further questions, get pricing, or to schedule an appointment. Please provide your name, best contact number, location, type of pet, approximate weight of pet, whether you will need to arrange body care, and any other additional information such as a preference for a day or general timeframe.  Please keep in mind that we are not generally available for emergency or urgent appointments.  


Celebrate the stories of satisfied pet owners who've experienced our care firsthand

“We had to put our beloved Abby to rest at 15 years old and we called Action Care. They were the most compassionate people we have ever met and the setting was so intimate and relaxed. They let us take our time and say goodbye. Everything was done when we were ready. We will never go any other route if this should be needed again. THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

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