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After Care & Cremation Services

Action Care Mobile Vet will discuss aftercare selection options and pricing when you call to book your appointment. If you choose communal or private cremation services, Action Care will hold your pet securely until Agape Pet Services personally picks up your pet and carefully overseas the transportation of your pet to their licensed crematory. Action Care Mobile Vet contracts and trusts Agape Pet Services (formerly known as Valley Pet.

Agape Pet Services picks up pets twice a week from our home office location and the processing for a private cremation service typically takes about a week. Agape Pet Services will then ship your pet’s remains directly to your home address in a beautiful urn. Besides the standard wooden urn included with the private cremation fee, Agape offers a large selection of exquisite cremation urns to memorialize the life of your special beloved pet, as well jewelry and keepsakes for separate purchase. Agape can also laser-engrave urns with an image and name of your pet, in addition to a special message on request. Agape Pet Services has a professional team of certified crematory operators and registered pet funeral directors and adhere to a strict code of ethics. Action Care clients can count on a high level of trust and accountability with every pet cremation.

Communal Cremation:
With communal cremation, your pet is gently placed into the crematory together with other pets and no ashes are returned to you. However, Agape Pet Services does offer personalized memorial paw prints for purchase, in addition to the clay print that Action Care will provide during the euthanasia service.

Private/Individual Cremation:
Private cremation provides the opportunity to keep your pet’s ashes as a permanent and personal keepsake. Your treasured pet will be cremated individually in the cremation chamber and when the process is complete, Agape will ensure that you receive only the cremated remains of your pet. Your pet’s remains will be returned in your selected urn, along with a certificate of cremation, authenticating that your pet was cremated at Agape Pet Services.

If you elect to bury your pet at home, please make sure to check your local regulations and laws. We do not assist with home burials and cannot provide legal advice. Another option is burial at a pet cemetery, which can include a ceremony, casket, headstone and grave plot.

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