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Well Pet and Vaccination Service

1. Action Care Mobile Vet offers basic well pet examinations and basic vaccinations (rabies and distemper combo vaccines for dogs and cats)-for healthy and friendly pets only.

2. Action Care Mobile Vet can perform heartworm testing on site and prescribe heartworm preventatives and well as flea/tick medications (both topical and oral) via our online Action Care Store (please add link)

3. Our in-stock medications are limited, but we do have available some ear cleaning solutions as well as limited ear, eye, and skin medications for use or to dispense during the visit.

4. Pets needing diagnostic work-ups and follow up appointments will be referred to a full-service veterinarian.

5. Animals that need injectable sedation for nail trims or other procedures will be referred to a full-service veterinarian.

6. Animals that need full bloodwork, x-rays, surgical procedures, or hospitalized care will be referred to a full service or emergency veterinarian.

7. Aggressive animals that need sedation and muzzling for appointments will not be seen, unless as part of a euthanasia appointment, providing the pet can be muzzled safely and/or given pre-medications as directed and is current on rabies.

8. If you are not sure if we provide a service, please give us a call or send a message and ask!

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